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Snow Plowing    

Snow plowing is the relocation of accumulated snow on the ground from one area to another.  Placing of snow is determined by either the owner of the lot, Dustin Woloschuk, the onsite plow operator or a combination of all three.  Dirty Boyz will service the lot when determined necessary to do so by Dustin Woloschuk. Dirty Boyz uses an approximate guideline of three inches of accumulated snow.  This is only an approximation and visits may vary under and/or over this guideline.  Each time Dirty Boyz shows up to plow, this is known as a “plowing visit”. Dustin Woloschuk determines the scheduling order of all lots/locations to be plowed.  This is based on various factors. Some examples (but not limited to), may be: order of lots/locations in relativity to our home base in Stoney Creek, importance of access needed in/out of lot and business operation hours.  I.e. apartments are usually done either early morning or mid day when tenants are more likely to be a sleep or at work to re-duce the amount of vehicles in or exiting/entering the lot.  Businesses are usually done through the night with the goal to be cleared and/or salted before they open the following business day.  Some of these factors may or may not be stated in the contract.  Dirty Boyz will strive to meet these requirements and expectations every time.  However, due to unpredictable circumstances, Dirty Boyz cannot guarantee that these will be met every time.  This is not to be considered a breach of contract.  Some circumstances are uncontrollable and in the possibility a situation arises that Dirty Boyz is not able to meet or complete a requirement or an entire job, we will do our best to try to find a solution to complete the job as soon as possible.  I.e. finish behind schedule or hire outside help.   Some reasons (but not limited to) for not completing a requirement/job on time or at all may be: mechanical problems or breakage of equipment, vehicular accident, injury to employee or simply the storm started to late to have snow cleared at every lot by the following business day.



Salting is a service offered by Dirty Boyz at an extra cost in addition to snow plowing.  It can be priced into a plow/salt contract or priced and hired as a separate job/contact of its own without snow plowing. The purpose of salting is used as an aid in preventing the accumulation of snow and ice.  Salting is not a guarantee that snow and ice will not accumulate or form, but is a proven method used to slow and help prevent this from happening between and during snow storms.  It is for this reason Dirty Boyz cannot be held responsible of a slippage/injury or death that may be caused due to the accumulation and formation of snow and ice.  Salting will be done when determined necessary by Dustin Woloschuk.  Salting may not be done with every “plowing” visit, but, may also be done between “plowing” visits.  This is known as a “Salting” visit.  Some reasons, (but not limited to) that salt may not be laid are: Snow fall is steady enough that a return “plow” visit during the same storm may be needed, in which salt may be laid at that time. It is raining and the salt will be washed away.  In which case, a return “Salt” visit will be made after the rain has stopped, with efforts to, but not guaranteed before ice is starting to or has formed.


Snow Removal    

Snow removal is a service offered by Dirty Boyz at an extra cost in addition to snow plowing and salting.  It can be priced into a plow/salt contract or priced and hired as a separate job/contact of its own.  It is usually required as a mid season necessity as snow piles begin to accumulate, and become too large and take up to much space.  It involves the removal/relocation of snow to another completely separate area/dumpsite.  It involves the use of a machine with a loader/bucket for the moving /scooping of the snow and the use of a truck, trailer or dump truck/trailer for the transportation of the snow to its new location.  This frees up area for parking or the storage of new snow during the season that is currently being taken up by old snow.  Snow removal may be needed only once a season, or multiple times.  As determined by the owner of the lot and priced accordingly by Dustin Woloschuk.  Snow removal will usually only done, after or between snow storms, (never during) unless otherwise agreed upon by Dustin Woloschuk and the owner of the lot/manager of the contract.



Dirty Boyz offers three levels of snow services/estimates/quotes for the customer to choose from.  Plowing, Plowing & Salting, Plowing, Salting & Snow RemovalAll estimates MUST  be determined on site and are only done by Dustin Woloschuk.  Prices are determined by the following: Size of lot, complexity/difficulty of lot, obstructions in lot, vehicle occupancy in lot, location/city of lot, services required and gas prices.  All prices are for the duration of the snow season. (First snow fall to last snow fall)  Price estimates/quotes may vary from one contract year to the next due to rising business costs.  This is just an estimate, prices and work are not guaranteed until a contract has been signed and returned with payment in full.  A contract will be sent after  Dustin Woloschuk has been contacted with verbal confirmation.



All price quotes are for the duration of the snow season. (First snow fall to last snow fall)  The price quoted and agreed upon is finalized once this contract is signed and returned with payment in full.  Cheques or Money orders are to be made out to: Dirty Boyz.



It is highly recommended by Dirty Boyz and the employees there in, that any vehicles, people and obstructions be removed during Snow Plowing/Removal and Salting visits.  Dirty Boyz cannot be held liable for any damage or injury/death to people/property or obstructions on/in or of the lot before/during or after it has been Plowed/Salted by Dirty Boyz and the employees there of.  It is impossible for Dirty Boyz to know about and/or see any obstructions hidden by or under snow.   It is the responsibility of the customer/owner of the lot or any employees of that location to specify and warn Dirty Boyz and their employees about and/or any obstructions under/covered or hidden by snow.



The contract is a document setting out a formal agreement between two or more parties i.e. Dirty Boyz and the customer.  Once signed and payment has been made in full, it is the obligation of Dirty Boyz to fulfill the requirements and guidelines set there in.  Each contract is custom written and designed specifically to each individual job/service and customer. Any specific instructions and/or special requests set out by the customer/Dustin Woloschuk or anybody that may be employed by Dirty Boyz for that specific job/service should be agreed upon and entered into the contract before it is finalized.  The signatures of both the customer and Dustin Woloschuk are required on the contract.  The purpose of the signatures from both parties is a representation that both parties are in full understanding and agreement of the contract and the requirements and prices there in.  Once the contract has been signed and copies received by both parties the contract has been bound and cannot be changed or be re-negotiated by either party once said contract has been finalized.  However, a new contract may be re-negotiated at a later date if requested by one party and agreed to by the other.


Customer Bonus/Discount    

Is a program designed to show our appreciation for our customers and any extra business Dirty Boyz acquires from referrals. Any currently contracted customer may receive up to a 10% discount for every referral of equal value that signs a plowing contract with Dirty Boyz. The % of the discount may vary more or less according to the value of the referral contract. The discount can be received as an instant cash rebate, or taken off the customer's contract for the following season. i.e. $60.00 refunded off of a $600 contract, or a $60.00 cheque mailed or handed directly to you. We do not cap our bonus, so you could potentially have your drive way plowed for free or even wind up getting paid for every referral you send us that signs a contract.


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