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∗ Minimum Charge $100

1 horse (Half Load)


$3.00 / km

2 horse (Full load)


$2.50 / km each

Empty Load

$1.50 / km

(for one way trips where a horse is being dropped off, or if we have to travel to pick up a horse to ship back. Empty load fees are decided on an individual basis and may or may not apply, please call for info)

Discounts available for shipping over 100kms


Dustin is an experienced horse shipper and has plenty of experience riding and raising horses. My horse handling services are offered only if requested, when a horse is a problem loader or a horse or horses are shipped to shows, and I will be staying for the duration of the day. My handling service may be quoted as a separate cost or included into the shipping price.

We can also recommend and refer you to very experienced coaches for lessons, clinics and competition coaching.


905-741-4741 / dustin@dirtyboyz.ca

( 24/7 SERVICE)