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Furniture Moving    

DirtyBoyz is a flat rate, pay by the hour moving service. Once contracted, this rate cannot be changed nor any additional fees (not including HST) be added in at the end. We feel this provides the customer with a fair, straightforward and easy to comprehend rate with no hidden costs or intrusive and invasive up front estimations, that vary from job to job, depending on what you are moving. With a flat hourly rate, you only pay for the service required and the time our staff is providing it. This also helps eliminate over or underestimating the cost of various moves. A flat hourly rate also allows us to provide the customer with packing services at no extra charge on the moving date, if required. Our flat rate starts from $100 per hour based on complexity of your move and the amount of movers needed. This is always agreed upon and contracted before your moving date. A 3 hour minimum charge or $300 security deposit is always required at time of contract signing to reserve your moving date. If the customer (for any reason) wishes to cancel or change the agreed upon contacted date of the move, DirtyBoyz will retain the deposit and accommodate a date change (pending availability). DirtyBoyz reserves the right to cancel this contract at anytime, for any reason, with the return of the customer’s deposit.



DirtyBoyz moving services is a service that is hired to minimize or eliminate the labour of moving your items yourself. Due to the sometimes awkward complexity and difficulty of moving items in and out of a building, DirtyBoyz cannot guarantee a 0% chance of damage to your items, the home you are moving out of and/or the home you are moving to.

We will take every precaution necessary to keep damage to your items, the home you are moving out of and/or the home you are moving to(that is considered of a normal and expected level), to a minimum. DirtyBoyz cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items during your packing / loading / moving / unloading and unpacking process.

Examples of some, (but not limited to) damage that is considered "of a normal and expected level" are: scuff marks and nicks on floors from shoes and/or furniture, stains on floor from shoes, scuff marks, nicks, chips and tears on walls, corners, edges and furniture.

Some examples of material that DirtyBoyz may use to keep damage to a minimum is: blanket wrap (if requested) at no extra charge for furniture and appliances, blankets, sliders and various dollies when and/or where needed at no extra charge for furniture, appliances, boxes and containers, floor covering (if requested) at no extra charge for all traffic in and out, foot traffic areas where floors may be damaged or soiled, tie down, safety and security straps, ropes and bungee cords when needed if requested at no extra cost to secure items.

Tote Bins / Packing Container Rentals    

Tote bins/packing containers may be rented (at an additional cost) to provide ease of packing, protection to items being packed and ease of move. Tote bin rentals are for a two week period (ideally, one week prior of the move to allow for packing and one week after the move to allow for unpacking). Additional weeks may be added if needed, for an extra cost, and specified in the final contract. The cost for bin rentals is based upon per unit needed which is determined by the customer. Therefore the cost of rental will vary from one contract to the next. For customer convenience, Bin rental may be paid up front or added into the moving contract balance. A safety deposit must be paid at time of bin rental/drop off, which will be returned to the customer when DirtyBoyz picks up their bins. Replacement costs of damaged tote bins, while in the customer’s care before and after the move, will be charged to the customer and deducted from the safety deposit. Damaged bins by DirtyBoyz staff during the move is the responsibility of DirtyBoyz.

Packing Service    

DirtyBoyz also offers packing and unpacking services at an additional flat hourly rate. This rate may vary depending on the complexity of job, and the amount of employees requested and/or required. Packing services are usually (but not always) scheduled one week prior to the moving date. However, because DirtyBoyz is a flat hourly rate moving service, this allows us to provide you with packing services on the date of your move, at no extra cost to you. For customer convenience, Packing/Unpacking services may be either contracted separate and paid up front, or added into the moving contract balance.


Overnight Storage    

Once the trailer is loaded, if needed, DirtyBoyz offers (free of charge) overnight locked storage, provided by the trailer. The trailer may be left at either the home you are moving out of or the home you are moving to. It is preferred that DirtyBoyz tows the loaded trailer to their home base location, for maximum safety of our trailer and your contents. One key will be provided with you (the customer) and the other will stay with DirtyBoyz. DirtyBoyz cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items, if the customer chooses to have the trailer left overnight at either the home they are moving out of or the home they are moving to.

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