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Free car removal, free bulk scrap metal removal, appliance and refrigerator round up.

EXAMAMPLES OF BULK SCRAP METAL: old bicycles, car rims, railings, heating & venting ducting, old pots and pans, pop cans/beer cans/soup cans, old computer towers, eves toughing and anything else that you can think of that is primarily metal.

Any Items we feel are not scrap metal and falls under the category of junk removal , will be left at our discretion. We will take car batteries.

Examples of things the scrap yard won't take and that is considered junk: Old television sets, other old audio visual equipment that is mostly plastic. Such as old video game consoles, VCR’s, DVD players etc. rims with tires still on them, mattresses and box springs etc. Anything that is approx less than 50% metal, is a good rule of thumb.


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